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How do I check if I have the latest version of software?

Selecting Edit > Options > Software Updates Tab from Scrapbook will allow you to determine the current software version you're working with as well as to check for a new version. 

The top area of the tab describes your current software status, including the version number as well as the date the software version was last checked.

The lower area of the tab allows you to specify a schedule for periodically checking for a newer version of software. The schedule options that are available are:


  • *Every time the application is started
  • *Every specified number of days
  • *Never

Select the Check Now button to check your version and display its status in the top area of the Software Updates Tab. Select the Software Updates Website button to go directly to the downloads web page and download the latest software.

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How do I calibrate the software?

In order to calibrate the software, make sure your hardware is set up properly and is recognized by the software. If your projected area has not been calibrated before, a calibration screen will automatically open. To calibrate, tap the Interactive Stylus on the targets in the projected area. To manually start the calibration:

*Select Yes when prompted, or

*Select the Calibrate button from the Tool Palette, or

*Select Calibrate Interactive Area from the Taskbar Menu.

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How do I calibrate if I have multiple monitors?

If your computer detects multiple monitors, you will see the message Click here to calibrate this screen (press ESC to cancel calibration). Tap your Interactive Stylus on the screen that you would like to calibrate.

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Do I have to calibrate each time I use the software?

Always perform the calibration setup unless you are certain the projector and the interactive receiver have not been moved since the last use.

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Why do the tools on the Tool Palette change unexpectedly?

The eBeam Tool Palette changes depending on your environment. If you are in Scrapbook, for example, Scrapbook tools will be available on the Tool Palette. If you click outside of the Scrapbook window, the Tool Palette will change to show you the available tools for your new environment.

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What is the purpose of Screen Annotation?

The Screen Annotation Tool allows you to annotate your desktop and causes the Tool Palette to offer a new set of tools. When you select the Screen Annotation tool, a snapshot of your desktop is taken. That snapshot is turned into a static background that you can write on. A translucent frame appears around the border of your screen to indicate that you are annotating the desktop image and no longer navigating your desktop.

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How do I exit Screen Annotation Mode?

To stop annotating and return to desktop navigation, select the Mouse Tool from the Tool Palette.

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What is Scrapbook?

Scrapbook is your tool for creating presentations and storing annotations and images. Scrapbook can be launched by selecting the Scrpbook button from the Tool Palette or selecting Scrapbook from the Taskbar Menu in the system tray of your computer.

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How do I import my PowerPoint file into Scrapbook?

To import a PowerPoint file into Scrapbook:

*Select File > Import/Merge, or

*Select page > Background Settings and use the Load Background Button to locate the file.

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How do I annotate directly over a PowerPoint presentation?

In order to annotate over your PowerPoint presentation, select the Start PowerPoint Presentation Tool from the tool Palette. This opens an Open File dialog box so you can select the PowerPoint presentation that you would like to annotate. All annotations that you make can be saved back into the original PowerPoint presentation.

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Why isn't my text box outline or fill color showing?

If your text box color isn't showing, make sure that the "Transparent" checkbox is unchecked in the text box outline and fill color dialog boxes.

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How do I import a PDF or CAD file? **

You can import documents into Scrapbook as a background from any application that can print. To import a document into Scrapbook as a background:

1. Choose File > Print from the application you are using

2. Select eBeam Scrapbook Image Writer from the list of available printers.

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Why aren't my Flash files working in Scrapbook?

In order for your Flash files to work in Scrapbook, you must be using Flash Player 10 or higher. If you are in need of an update, make sure you update your Flash Player using Internet Explorer. Updating Flash on another browser won't update your Scrapbook files.

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What is the Gallery?

Scrapbook's Gallery is a centralized location where you can organize multiple image directories located on your computer or your network. The Gallery also includes a place to store and reference Favorite images, Templates, Encyclopædia Britannica references and a search capability that accesses Flickr online.

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How do I add my own images to the Gallery?

You can add any file or folder that your computer can access to the Gallery. To add a link in the Gallery:

1. With the Gallery folder selected, press the add Link to Folder button.

2. Select the Browse button and navigate to the file or folder you would like to add. Click OK.

3. Fill in the name of the folder as you want to see it displayed in the Gallery and select OK.


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Why is there a lag when using Flickr with Scrapbook?

If you are running a lot of applications on your computer, you might experience a delay when using the Flickr search or when viewing Flickr images in the preview pane in Scrapbook. Try closing as many applications as possible in order to ease the load on your computer and eliminate the delay.

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Why won't the Encyclopædia Britannica directory launch?

If the Encyclopædia Britannica directory won't launch from your Gallery, make sure that you have installed the Britannica software on your computer.

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How do I add audio to my recording? **

In order to add audio to your recording, make sure that you have checked "Include Audio Track". If you are using a microphone, the software will search for an attached microphone and will automatically check this checkbox if it finds one.

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How can I tell if my audio track is recording? **

If audio recording is enabled, a speaker will be shown. If it is disabled, the speaker is not shown.

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How do I select the area I want to record on my desktop? **

The Recorder Tool Palette menu allows you to select the size of the area you want to record. From right to left, the options are:

*Record Entire Screen: The Recorder captures everything shown in your primary monitor.

*Record Selected Area: You will be prompted to drag your mouse to select an area of the primary monitor to record.

*Record Window: You will be prompted to drag cross hairs from a dialog box to the application that you wish to record. If you drop the cross hairs on the Scrapbook window, only the Scrapbook page will be recorded.

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Why is my computer slow when I am running my Recorder? **

If your computer is slow while running the Recorder, it could be due to either your computer's processor or the amount of available RAM. To fix this make sure that any unnecessary background applications are shut and reduce the frame rate of your recording (frame rate can be changed in Recorder Options). The recommended frame rate for your computer is listed below:

*100 MB Available Memory - Set frame rate to 5 frames/second

*250 MB Available Memory - Set frame rate to 10 frames/second

*500 MB Available Memory - Set frame rate to 15 frames/second

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Why am I unable to Share or Join a meeting over the eBeam meeting server?

If you are attempting to share a meeting, make sure: 

*An interactive receiver is detected.

*You are connected to the Internet.

*If your network/Internet connection is behind a firewall or proxy server, you have set up the proxy server.

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Why is my Flash element not visible to my meeting participants?

Due to the large size of the Flash files, they are not shared to participants during a shared meeting. If there is a Flash element in your meeting, a Flash container will appear on the participant page but video will not run.

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Can meeting participants see other applications on my desktop while I'm sharing a meeting?

No, meeting participants will only see the meeting file you are sharing during a shared meeting.

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Why can't meeting participants see my Document Camera images?

Document Camera images are not shared to meeting participants during a shared meeting. To share select images with your meeting participants, add your Document Camera image as an element to your Scrapbook page. 

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My question hasn't been answered. How do I contact the eBeam by Luidia technical support team?

If you have a question that hasn't been answered, our support team can help you get the answers you need. Please have the following information ready before you call:

*The (hardware) product's serial number and model number

*The software version (e.g. eBeam Education Suite 2.3.3 or Workspace 1.0.2)

*Your computer's operating system and version (e.g. Windows XP SP3 or mac OS X 10.6.4)

*A brief description of the problem and any steps that you have already taken to try and resolve the problem

*A brief description of any recent changes to your environment (e.g. a new computer, new lighting or motion detectors)

Contact Info

Phone: Toll free 1.888.99EBEAM (U.S. and Canada) or +1.650.413.7550 Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm PST

Online: Click HERE to fill out an online request form for technical assistance.

** Function currently only available on Windows computers