eBeam Interactive Suite 3.2

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Thank you for your interest in eBeam Interactive Suite 3.2.

This release of the eBeam Interactive Suite software expands its functionality to more platforms and adds enhanced features to allow for improved connectivity and collaboration in any environment. eBeam Interactive Suite 3.2 also includes capture software functionality.

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Mac OS X 10.7 and above
160 MB




Android Version - 3.1 MB


Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Full Version - 139 MB


Linux Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit
126 MB


Linux Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit
105 MB


What’s New?

Latest Release - Apr. 25th, 2016

  • You can see eBeam Templates in the galley panel (same as version 2.5).
  • Sample templates provided in gallery.
  • Save your page as a template file in the "My Templates" folder.
  • Added master page functionality.
  • All menu options added to the right click menu.

Earlier 3.2 releases

  • Mac Dongle connection issue solved.
  • Save as gif added
  • Arabic  language issue solved.
  • Print header and footer.
  • Activate by Livewire2.
  • Mac will always be fully activated like Scrapbook 2.5.
  • Windows Scrapbook can now save objects within Scrapbook as editable PowerPoint objects for full use in PowerPoint.
  • Windows versions now show activation menu so users can utilize license key for other Windows computers.
  • Bug Fix: Point mismatch in PowerPoint presentation mode with multiple monitors fixed.
  • Meeting is extended to android tablet and chromebook.
  • Chatting function is updated like messenger UI. 
  • PgUp, PgDn Key is enabled during annotating power point.
  • Allow License Key from eBeam Scrapbook 2.5 to activate eBeam Interactive 3.2.
  • Bug involving calibration and eBeam Home fixed.
  • Capture Software Functionality included.

Online Help

Check out our online support for eBeam Interactive Suite 3. You’ll find help on how to use eBeam Home, eBeam Scrapbook, eBeam Tool Palette (including how eBeam Tool Palette works in other applications), and more.

Supported Languages






Portuguese (Brazil)

Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)







Arabic (NEW)

Norwegian (NEW)

Release Notes

File Compatibility & Additional Information:

eBeam Interactive Suite 3 creates a different file format (.esbx extension), which cannot be opened by older software, including eBeam Education Suite, eBeam Workspace, and eBeam Capture. You need to install the new software to open ESBX files. 

If you create new ESBX files with this preview release version, be aware that the files may not be supported in the final version of the software.

You can open ESB files, created in an earlier version of eBeam software, with the preview release version.

eBeam Interactive Suite 3 replaces the Windows Workspace application.

The Windows version of previous software––eBeam Education Suite, eBeam Capture, and eBeam Workspace––cannot coexist with this new software.

Known Issues


Occasional issues when importing Microsoft Office docs and PDFs

ESB files open slowly (while the newer ESBX files open faster)

Grouped objects behave strangely when ungrouped

Grouped objects may lose position when duplicated 

Text bullets remain black, regardless of nearby text color

Some PowerPoint files may take a long time to import

The PowerPoint annotation feature is not available for Mac and Ubuntu

No eBeam Home with Ubuntu

Depending on your OS, Preferences and System Tray will vary slightly

Known issues - OS Specific


Select All text function does not work in a text box containing shortcuts

Flash files opened in Windows 8 do not load by default; additional drivers are needed



Importing Excel files with many rows and few columns may result in a thin page size

If your system is running Mavericks, PowerPoint files may not always load

Screen recording is not currently compatible with systems using Quicktime 10.3 



eBeam Interactive Suite 2.5

Software Download

Educational Suite

Windows: Download

Mac: Download


Windows: Download

Mac: Download


Windows: Download

Latest Release Notes - Mar. 2016

  • Initial calibration bug fixed
  • Improved USB connectivity