Installing the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin

Adobe Flash Player is a plugin that allows your browser to display Flash media on web pages and in software applications. Whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on your computer, the Flash plugin lets you view video, animated content, and games.

If you don't have the Flash plugin installed, you won't be able to use Flash media in eBeam Scrapbook files. When you click to select the object, for instance, you will just see a static rectangle.

Click the Download link and then follow the steps below to install the Flash plugin.

Download Adobe Flash Player plugin

Select your operating system.

Select the Chromium - PPAPI option for above Scrapbook 3.5 version.
Select the Firefox - NPAPI option for Scrapbook 3.2 version.
This will ensure the multimedia content will work correctly.

Scrapbook 3.5

Scrapbook 3.2

Download and install the plugin using Adobe’s Download now link.

Close and reopen eBeam Scrapbook.