How to buy eBeam products

The best way for business and education customers to buy is via an eBeam Authorized Reseller. You'll get the most competitive pricing including educational discounts, access to eBeam product bundles including projectors and mounts, direct support through the Reseller, as well as training and installation. And even before you buy, a Reseller can provide a pre-purchase consultation and schedule a product demo.

You can also buy directly from Luidia through our online store.

Find an eBeam Authorized Reseller

Our team of US and international Resellers offer and support the latest in eBeam technologies. For questions about pricing, choosing the right eBeam product for your needs, or to arrange a live demonstration, please click on the button below to find an eBeam Authorized Reseller in your area.

Find a Reseller

Shop our online store

If you know what you want and need it fast anywhere in the contiguous US, our online store is probably your quickest option. Note that you’ll be paying full MSRP plus the shipping cost. And although it’s simple to install eBeam products, remember that only an eBeam Authorized Reseller can provide installation and ongoing support.