On the Go with eBeam!

From January 1, 2014 through March 31, 2014 every eBeam Edge and eBeam Engage purchased from an eBeam Authorized Reseller comes with an eBeam Carrying Case ($49 value for Edge Case, $99 value for Engage)!


  • Keep all your eBeam products safe and organized.
  • Perfect solution for those who take their eBeam System from place to place.
  • Carrying case has handle, adjustable shoulder strap, sturdy zipper and fitted pockets for eBeam Edge, Battery Pack, Display Bracket, Capture Pack, Digital Eraser, Livewire or eBeam Engage, Cables, Accessories and Wireless Keyboard.
  • Can be requested with ANY Edge or Engage product.
  • No Limits - get a carrying case with EVERY Edge or Engage purchase!

How To Order

  • Locate an authorized reseller in the US or Canada.
  • Contact a reseller and, when placing your order, indicate you would like to take advantage of the eBeam “Buy an eBeam, Get a Carrying Case!” offer.
  • Include the following code in your order: BAEGACC for Edge orders BAEGECC for Engage orders
  • When filling out the order, put product name, quantity and price for all eBeam Edge or Engage product(s) and add quantity and $0 for the number of qualified Edge Carrying Cases (45023623) or Engage Carrying Cases (46002254).

Terms and Conditions