Integrate with top-notch interactive whiteboard solutions.

eBeam technology is designed to work with complementary peripheral devices and software applications. Applications for visual design, collaboration and innovation are easily integrated with eBeam technology, providing seamless workflows and added value for consumers. 

Luidia is a proud member of Texas Instruments' Third Party Network. As a member of TI's third party network, Luidia licenses TI's TMS320 DSP digital media technology to accelerate development efforts and cut time-to-market for its award-winning eBeam® digital whiteboard solutions. The technology also enables Luidia to provide customers with a faster, more reliable product.
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Luidia and MyScript have put their products together to provide customers with an exciting new level of interactive functionality. Using eBeam Projection in conjunction with MyScript Stylus advanced handwriting recognition software increases flexibility by turning handwritten digital ink into text input for any software application.

Web Conferencing Solutions

The ability to capture anything written on a board -- via marker or interactive stylus -- provides new and powerful collaboration opportunities. Complex concepts can be drawn live, for instance, and diagrams can be shared and created by users across the globe in real time.

Download a case study on a software developer who uses eBeam to share complex ideas

Other Uses


Because of its open platform and flexible SDK, eBeam technology is readily integrated with a variety of software and hardware applications. Contact Luidia to explore partnership possibilities.