Make your products interactive with trusted eBeam technology.

Today's consumers seek multi-function products that do more for less. OEM partners who embed eBeam technology in their solutions gain a unique competitive advantage, with the most affordable, ultra-portable idea capture and collaboration technology on the market.

Our OEM partners use eBeam technology in many ways...


eBeam technology can be embedded in a projector or a projector mount to create a fully-featured, interactive unit where users can annotate, save and share items projected onto a virtual whiteboard.


eBeam technology can be embedded in display devices such as flat panel televisions and large format display panels. Local and remote users can annotate anything right on the display surface, save what was created and even share ideas in real time with anyone, anywhere in the world.


eBeam technology transforms an ordinary whiteboard into a fully-featured, interactive multi-dimensional workspace for classrooms and conference rooms. Many OEM partners have designed their own unique interactive whiteboards that meet the specific market needs of their customers.

Tables and Office Furniture

Podiums, drafting tables and other furniture can turn interactive with eBeam technology for lively displays that engage audiences.

Mobile Devices

eReaders, smart phones and other mobile devices can all be embedded with eBeam technology to redefine interactivity for the millions that rely on these devices every day.

Various Uses

Because of its open platform and flexible SDK, eBeam technology is readily embedded into a variety of products. Contact Luidia to explore the possibilities.

Why partner with Luidia?

  1. Successful track record with a solid retention of OEM partners throughout multiple generations of product releases
  2. Differentiated technology, dozens of patents
  3. White label branding
  4. Global coverage, used in 70 countries, software translation into 10 languages
  5. Rich, intuitive software for Windows, Macintosh and Linux

From startups to established global brands, Luidia is the ideal partner for companies such as

  • Display and projector suppliers
  • Whiteboard suppliers
  • Printer manufacturers
  • Special-purpose furniture designers (e.g. podiums and design tables)
  • Conferencing solution providers
  • Telecom and audiovisual providers