Luidia's Educational Technology Resources 

Suggested and evaluated by educators, this frequently-updated collection will help you plan, prepare, and deliver your interactive lessons, promote classroom engagement, and provide access to content, demonstrations, and visual models on-the-fly.

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Name of Site Summary
ToneMatrix Create your own sound patterns. Watch and listen to how the waves produced interact with each other! Music & Theatre All Ages Lessons & Activities
LanguageGuide A site offering basic vocabulary words with audio and visuals in thirteen languages, also featuring interactive reading activities in French. Foreign Language All Ages Media Collections
Learn Genetics A site that allows users to visually experience and learn about the relative sizes and scale of small everyday items, such as a grain of rice, to smaller everyday items, such as a carbon atom! Science Intermediate/Middle Lessons & Activities
The Learning Network of The New York Times The New York Times blog with a plethora of lesson plans about various subjects. Interdisciplinary Teachers Resources & Reference Materials
Lessonopoly A collection of resources for lesson planning and delivery, featuring many standards-correlated lesson plans. Classroom Management All Ages Lessons & Activities
A Virtual Journey into the Universe This site takes users on a tour of our solar system, with in-depth information about all the planets! Science Intermediate/Middle Lessons & Activities
Livebrush Compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms, this drawing tool allows you to create elaborate drawings and designs, which you can save and print, simply by moving the cursor across the screen! Art & Design All Ages Tools
Many Eyes An interesting data visualization tool that allows to input and present data creatively. Interdisciplinary All Ages Tools
National Geographic Maps--Print Collection A collection of many of National Geographic's most famous and useful maps, as well as some games and interactive atlases. Geography All Ages Media Collections
Wolfram Mathworld A mathematical search engine. Mathematics All Ages Tools
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