Luidia's Educational Technology Resources 

Suggested and evaluated by educators, this frequently-updated collection will help you plan, prepare, and deliver your interactive lessons, promote classroom engagement, and provide access to content, demonstrations, and visual models on-the-fly.

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Name of Site Summary
Dimensions According to the BBC, "Dimensions takes important places, events and things, and overlays them onto a map of where you are." Geography Intermediate/Middle Tools
Illuminations The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' vast collection of standards-aligned activities, lesson plans, and web links. Mathematics All Ages Lessons & Activities
Google LIFE Photo Archive A searchable site of all of Life Magazine's images hosted by Google Interdisciplinary All Ages Media Collections
International Music Score Library Project A vast collection of free sheet music. Music & Theatre All Ages Media Collections
Intute Six UK universities teamed up to create this high-quality list of web resources, arranged by subject area, to provide advice and free online tutorials to improve internet research strategies and skills. Interdisciplinary Teachers Resources & Reference Materials
Jackson Pollock A site where users get to paint like Jackson Pollock. Just for Fun All Ages Lessons & Activities
JeopardyLabs Create your own interactive Jeopardy games and browse templates made by other people. Interdisciplinary All Ages Tools
Keisan Calculation Library Many online calculators from Casio for Mathematics and Science. Interdisciplinary Secondary/High School Tools
Kid A site featuring vast collections of websites, PowerPoints and videos geared toward students, parents and teachers on a wide array of subjects. Interdisciplinary Teachers Resources & Reference Materials
ToneMatrix Create your own sound patterns. Watch and listen to how the waves produced interact with each other! Just for Fun All Ages Lessons & Activities
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