Luidia's Educational Technology Resources 

Suggested and evaluated by educators, this frequently-updated collection will help you plan, prepare, and deliver your interactive lessons, promote classroom engagement, and provide access to content, demonstrations, and visual models on-the-fly.

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Name of Site Summary
TeAchnology Thousands of lesson plans, activity builders, worksheets, web quests, and other resources for teachers. Interdisciplinary Teachers Tools
TeAchnology Time Line Generator Generate timelines including six events. Tip: Leave some fields blank in the timeline generator to quiz your students on chronology and have them fill in the dates after the timeline has been created. Interdisciplinary Teachers Tools
Teachers' Domain This site contains hundreds of flash games, videos, lesson plans, and other resources on a variety of topics. Interdisciplinary Teachers Lessons & Activities
Teachers' Domain: Ecosystems Flash games that help kids grasp how ecosystems work. Biology Primary/Elementary Lessons & Activities
The Interactive Raven An interactive walk-through of Poe's famous poem 'The Raven', which gives definitions of unusual words and points out instances of literary devices. Literature & Language Arts Intermediate/Middle Lessons & Activities
TeacherTube A collection of videos and documents posted by teachers for teachers on a variety of subjects. Interdisciplinary All Ages Media Collections
TED-- Ideas worth spreading A collection of video-taped lectures given by a wide variety of people, from prime ministers to poets to physicists. Interdisciplinary All Ages Media Collections
Ten Marks Hundreds of lesson activities mapped to state standards, on demand hints, and video lessons. Registration is free and required. Mathematics All Ages Lessons & Activities
TES Resources Thousands of high quality lesson plans and tools for classroom instruction, alongside access to an active online community of educators. Interdisciplinary Teachers Tools
The Futures Channel A collection of multimedia intended for classroom use from people in math and science-related professions. Mathematics All Ages Media Collections
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