Luidia's Educational Technology Resources 

Suggested and evaluated by educators, this frequently-updated collection will help you plan, prepare, and deliver your interactive lessons, promote classroom engagement, and provide access to content, demonstrations, and visual models on-the-fly.

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Search the sites for keywords by typing in the search box and select from the drop-down menus to sort the list of sites according to subject, recommended age range, and the type of site.

Name of Site Summary
Digital Dialects Language Learning A site offering many games for learning basic grammar and vocabulary in over 40 languages. Foreign Language All Ages Lessons & Activities
Digital History A site with background information on various time periods in history, as well as Flash movies and other multimedia. History & Social Studies Teachers Resources & Reference Materials
National Archive Experience A site that serves as the digital vaults of the National Archive and interactively shows users amazing documents and images from American history. As a challenge, follow trails of documents created by other users or just browse millions of astounding primary documents. Interdisciplinary All Ages Media Collections
DNA Interactive An interactive exploration of DNA and the history of DNA science, with videos, activities, and lesson plans Biology Secondary/High School Lessons & Activities
DK Clip Art Publisher Dorling Kindersley provides thousands of clip art images which are 'perfect for illustrating homework, school projects and generally being creative.' Interdisciplinary All Ages Media Collections
Eclipse Crossword A downloadable program for Windows that allows users to make their own crossword puzzles. Interdisciplinary Teachers Tools
Compact for Reading Downloadable lessons and activities for promoting literacy. Literature & Language Arts Teachers Resources & Reference Materials
Edheads A site with interactive simulations of surgeries, mechanics, and more! Science Intermediate/Middle Lessons & Activities
Education World US Education Standards A site that provides correlated links to US national and state curriculum standards. Interdisciplinary Teachers Resources & Reference Materials Practice Various interactive drills to learn how to read music, the fingering of various instruments, and other aspects of music theory. Music & Theatre Intermediate/Middle Lessons & Activities
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