Luidia's Educational Technology Resources 

Suggested and evaluated by educators, this frequently-updated collection will help you plan, prepare, and deliver your interactive lessons, promote classroom engagement, and provide access to content, demonstrations, and visual models on-the-fly.

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Name of Site Summary
Shakespeare Online A site featuring all the plays and poems of Shakespeare along with analysis and biographical informaton. Literature & Language Arts All Ages Media Collections
Celestia Free 3D space simulation to download and explore the universe! Astronomy Intermediate/Middle Tools
Shodor - Activities & Lessons A collection of interactive learning activities for mathematics and science. Mathematics Intermediate/Middle Lessons & Activities
Shodor - Activities & Lessons A collection of interactive learning activities for mathematics and science. Science Secondary/High School Lessons & Activities
Interactive Activities Many clear interactives for showing various mathematical topics. Mathematics All Ages Lessons & Activities
Show Me This site contains resources from UK museums and galleries arranged by topic from a variety of disciplines. Interdisciplinary All Ages Media Collections
SketcHub With this rudimentary online drawing program you can create and share zoomable sketches. It provides blue, gray and white on a dark gray background in one thickness, an eraser, single-font text. Share in editable or view-only mode. Art & Design All Ages Tools
Smithsonian Education A site that provides access to the Smithsonian's educational resources and online content. Interdisciplinary Teachers Resources & Reference Materials
Starfall A standards-aligned site with collected activities that help children learn to read. Literature & Language Arts Primary/Elementary Lessons & Activities
TeAchnology Thousands of lesson plans, activity builders, worksheets, web quests, and other resources for teachers. Interdisciplinary Teachers Tools
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