Make instruction fluid and learning more effective by enhancing your tools with interactivity.

Engage and Collaborate

Engage students with participatory lessons that reinforce skills with multi-sensory and collaborative learning experiences. Bring together multimedia and digital content to create cohesive and dynamic compositions.

Annotate and Interact

Simple tool palette follows you to work with every application and adds interactivity to your tools. Annotate and draw on top of any application, website or document. Highlight and edit projected materials, use shapes to focus attention on key areas and illustrate or diagram concepts.

Build, Save and Distribute

Build your collection with digital efficiency, refining lessons as you go and expanding activities to explore avenues of learning as they emerge. Save and distribute material to develop student and professional portfolios, collaborate with other teachers, and for student review.

Share, Record and Repeat

Share your activity for remote students to follow along and collaborate. Record your instruction for students to review or for your flipped classroom model. Playback examples to repeat a concept and to deepen student understanding.

With eBeam, you can teach the way you normally teach, and use your normal whiteboard. eBeam just enhances your teaching. And that’s the beauty of it. You use what you’ve got.

Hazel Ruck, Advanced Lecturer
Brockenhurst College, UK
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The right solution to integrate with your technology and support your needs

eBeam solutions blend into your environment and optimize your technology by bringing interactivity to your tools. It's our most portable and adaptable interactive solution. The Edge works with LCD tvs and projectors and supports any size up to 8ft by 5ft (2.7m x 1.5m). Our powerful software help teachers plan, prepare and deliver compelling lessons, while keeping students involved and motivated. Save time and money with easy installation, training and upgrading technology. The incredible flexibility of Edge ensures that it works with your technology today and will adapt to the technology of tomorrow.

P.S. eBeam’s small size takes far fewer resources to produce and transport than big board solutions.

21st Century learning: experiment, experience and create

Align instruction with learning goals

eBeam technology supports whole class lessons and activities, small group collaborations, and individual reviews so teachers can continually align their instruction with student’s learning goals.

Personalize Learning

Create open-ended lessons that incorporate visuals, sound and text to appeal to all the senses. Adjust curricular content to respond to students’ needs and interests.

Create a space for student to explore concepts

Interactive activity stations and workshops allow students to work out concepts in a playful and engaging environment. The eBeam Gallery provides interactive content, templates and images to build visual and dynamic content.

The eBeam Edge has opened up a whole new world of opportunities to reinforce and extend learning not just for homebound or absent students but for all students at every grade level.

Jeffrey Peariso, Teacher
Clarkston Junior High
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Facilitate Extended, Collaborative and Project-Based Learning

Enable peer to peer learning

Breaking up into groups and pairs lets students to take learning into their own hands. eBeam Connect is a digital space where multiple students can collaborative on an activity, bring in real world examples, and share knowledge from their own devices.

Flipped Classroom

Getting started with the flipped classroom model is as simple as one-click. Our built in voice and display recording lets teachers record a video while instructing at the board. Sharing video lets students keep pace with daily concepts introduced in the classroom and can easily access past lessons and review skills in advance of tests and quizzes.

Software for all of your devices and activities

From desktop to mobile, from local to remote, eBeam software is flexible and comprehensive.

Our desktop application suite

eBeam Education Suite is a collection of desktop tools that brings together digital content and makes experiences interactive.

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  • Bring together multimedia and digital content
  • Create cohesive and dynamic compositions
  • Engage students with participatory lessons
  • Build your collection with digital efficiency
  • Refine and edit content as you go
  • Develop student and professional portfolios
  • Save and distribute material in a cohesive file
  • Reinforce skills with multi-sensory and collaborative learning experiences

Our web application

Made for portability

For the educator who moves between environments or for the school that shares technology, eBeam’s compact design and adaptable setup fit the versatile culture of education today.

Fits in your hands

eBeam’s smart design takes the best of interactivity and fits it into an efficient package. It’s as small and light as a remote control so it goes where you go.

Set-up in minutes

Since eBeam works with your technology, setting up takes minutes. Use our Display Bracket accessory for displays or place the sensor onto a magnetic surface, open our application, calibrate and your interactive workspace is ready.

Go Wireless

Never get tripped up with our wireless solution. Edge+ gives you the freedom to roam around the classroom. Set-up is even faster without having to run and connect cords. 

Our Education Solutions

eBeam Edge+ NEW

The eBeam Edge+ is the latest, most advanced in the Edge product line, taking interactivity to a whole new level. There are three versions of the Edge+:

  • Edge+ USB
  • Edge+ Wireless
  • Edge+ Complete (includes Marker Pack accessories).

To give you the most flexible interactive experience, The Edge+ comes with an additional stylus as well as the Edge+ Display Bracket so you can use your sensor on any flat surface as well as LCD flat screens.

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eBeam Edge Wireless

eBeam Edge Wireless brings interactivity to any surface, quickly transforming your classroom or meeting room into a dynamic learning environment where students and colleagues can focus, participate and collaborate.

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eBeam Edge Battery Pack

The eBeam Edge Battery Pack lets you move untethered around your classroom or meeting room, instantly transforming any flat surface into a dynamic learning environment without cords or cables.


Capture Pack

This add-on for eBeam Edge and eBeam Engage includes an eraser and four marker sleeves that capture and stream anything you write or draw on your whiteboard with regular dry-erase markers.