eBeam Scrapbook gives you the tools to enhance lessons with interactivity.

Bring together multimedia and digital content to create cohesive and dynamic compositions.
Engage students with participatory lessons that reinforce skills with multi-sensory and
collaborative learning experiences. Build your collection with digital efficiency, refining
content as you go and exploring concepts as they emerge.

eBeam Home

eBeam Tool Palette

eBeam Scrapbook
  • Make Yourself At Home

    Your launch pad in eBeam Education Suite, eBeam Home helps you manage your interactive whiteboard content. Quickly access your favorite applications, websites and files to save time during class.  

    eBeam Scrapbook
    Your interactive application. Build content, incorporate multimedia, deliver lessons and engage students with dynamic activities.

    Quality, Not Quantity
    We’ve partnered with the world’s leading knowledge-base to bring you quality content that is searchable with a click of the stylus.

    It’s Your Home
    Add shortcuts to your most used apps for quick access.

    Your Digital Collection
    All your lessons, recordings and files in one convenient location. 

  • Not Just a Pretty (Inter)Face

    The iconic eBeam Tool Palette makes your essential tools available wherever and whenever you need them. This intuitive app is easy to use, quick to master and contains a host of powerful features that will enhance your lessons. Click on the + icons for more info.

  • Lesson Creation and Delivery Center

    With tools to incorporate multimedia, edit digital content, record lessons and share instruction; eBeam Scrapbook is your space to create and deliver interactive lessons.

Enhance Your Whiteboard

The best place to start using our software is with something you already know. eBeam Scrapbook is an unlimited whiteboard with an enriched set of tools that let you communicate your ideas with precision. Transform your whiteboard experience with the ability to edit, annotate and create content as you go.

ebeam edge interactive whiteboard projection for education
ebeam education suite annotation on powerpoint

Annotation in PowerPoint™

Prefer to work in PowerPoint or Keynote? Just annotate right on top of your presentation and all your notes will be saved into eBeam Scrapbook.

The Tools you Need

What Else Can Scrapbook Do for Me?

  • Desktop Annotation
  • Object Editing Tools
  • Pen, Highlighter, Text Tools
  • On-screen Keyboard
  • Customizable Colors
  • Screenshot Tools
  • Spotlight/Cover Sheet
  • Screen Recording with Audio
  • Integrated Gallery
  • Flickr™ Access
  • Import Flash Files
  • Scrapbook Image Writer
  • Document Camera compatibility
  • Background Settings
  • Import:
    • Flash Files
    • Images
    • Word Docs
  • Excel Docs
  • PPT Presentations
  • Master Pages
  • Layers
  • Sharing / Meeting Feature

Bring in Content

Extensive Gallery 

Quickly access and bring in visuals from our gallery to deepen the understanding of concepts with visual aids. Create lessons on the fly with a variety of subject-oriented images and incorporate interactive activities with our background and image sets.

ebeam education suite interactive whiteboard Extensive Gallery 

Add a snapshot of anything!

Snapshot Tool 

Our Snapshot tool allows you to open anything on your computer (website, file, application, you name it), clip a portion and automatically paste the contents in your scrapbook lesson as an image. The Snapshot tool is ideal for building lessons from existing content or from parts of a website, allowing you to make use of resources in your personal collection and online.

Print Directly to Scrapbook 

For longer documents or existing presentations, eBeam Education Suite automatically installs a printer onto your computer that allows you to virtually print anything into a Scrapbook lesson file.

ebeam education suite interactive whiteboard Add a snapshot of anything


ebeam scrapbook Collaborate in interactive whiteboard

Connect your entire class 

eBeam Education Suite includes a meeting feature to ensure all students are included in learning at no extra cost. Start a meeting and invite students to participate from different computers. Share lessons with remote students, and enable all students to collaborate and participate digitally on their own devices.

Share Lessons

Record, Flip and Playback

Our recording software allows you to record your voice and screen to share your lesson with absent students to keep up with class, give struggling students another chance to grasp difficult concepts or enable students review a particular lesson before an exam. You can even record lessons for a Flipped Classroom model all within the same software.

ebeam education suite share lesson on interactive whiteboard


Export and Distribute

You can save your Scrapbook lessons for later review as well as export any lesson into a PDF document, PowerPoint Presentation, or collection of images to distribute to the entire class.

ebeam education suite export interactive whiteboard file to eps, ppt, jpg, html, pdf, bmp, tif.

Take advantage of eBeam Education Suite’s intuitive and effective tools to build lessons and provide an engaging and interactive classroom learning experience.

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