eBeam Capture gives you the power to provide instruction without interruption.

Capture, record and stream your dry-erase whiteboard lessons to engage your students, near or far. As you teach, your whiteboard notes are instantly recorded, giving you a complete digital file of your lesson that students can use to playback and reference for learning at their own pace.

Don't fear the eraser

Stay in the flow without fear of losing student work or important lessons. eBeam Capture continuously saves your marks and is ready with an infinite supply of whiteboards so you never lose momentum.

Need to review? Everything has been recorded and is ready to review in class, post online or send to colleagues and students.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Four color-coded digital marker sleeves give you creative freedom when illustrating concepts to enhance remote user comprehension. Need to erase? The digital eraser wipes marker strokes clean off the board and in the software.

ebeam capture pack for interactive whiteboard

Your digital whiteboard notes and lessons are at your fingertips for editing and transforming into homework assignments, quizzes or student assessments – giving you more time to develop your materials.