Luidia Lets Amazon Kindle Users View
eBeam Interactive Whiteboard Content

“Send to Kindle” Feature Lets Teachers, Students and Business Users Send Notes, Lessons and Presentations to Kindle and Kindle DX 

eBeam software now allows users to send a wide variety of interactive whiteboard-generated content directly to their Amazon Kindle or Kindle DX. Kindle is Amazon’s wireless reading device that allows customers to download books, blogs, magazines and newspapers to a crisp, high-resolution electronic paper display that looks and reads like real paper. Luidia is the first interactive whiteboard developer to provide this feature, which lets teachers, students and business users send presentations, lessons and notes to Amazon Kindle devices, the bestselling product across the millions of items sold by Amazon. 

Luidia users have long been able to save content from whiteboard sessions – including material generated by or annotated with dry-erase markers – to laptops and other personal computers. Now, Luidia’s software makes saving whiteboard content to both a Kindle and Kindle DX as easy as choosing “Send to Kindle” on a pull-down menu. Students can review class lessons, parents can see what children have studied in class, and businesses can review presentations and brainstorming sessions on their Kindle. This new feature is not only convenient, it also is a paperless, environmentally friendly alternative to taking conventional notes.

“As consumer technologies evolve, so too does eBeam,” said Luidia CEO Rafi Holtzman. “Educators and corporations could already capture everything that takes place in a classroom or meeting with an eBeam system. Now they can also use a Kindle or Kindle DX to review those lessons and presentations – wherever and whenever they want.”

Watch eBeam “Send to Kindle” Feature

A short clip showing the first ever integration between an interactive whiteboard and the Kindle ebook reader from Amazon. Educators and business users can now send their interactive whiteboard content straight to any Kindle quickly and easily.