The New eBeam Capture Pack:

Record and stream whiteboard notes and drawings to remote students and colleagues - no projector needed!

Need to capture whiteboard notes but already have eBeam Edge or eBeam Engage? This add-on will give you the functionality of both projection and whiteboard capture by making your eBeam system dual purpose.

Lost your eBeam pens or just want another set on hand? This kit will give you everything you need to update your current receiver with new components.

In the box

  • 4 eBeam Electronic Marker Pens (red, blue, green and black)
  • 1 eBeam Electronic Eraser
  • 10 CR-2032 Coin-sized Batteries
  • 1 Box Dry-Erase Markers (red, blue, green and black)
  • eBeam Capture Software CD
  • 1 eBeam shortcut strip for use with eBeam Capture software