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The latest eBeam tool for classroom engagement. Connect iPads® and other web-enabled devices for real-time collaboration in the cloud. Intuitive drawing and annotation tools allow teachers and students to build inspired content, together. 

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The first eBeam iOS application makes the old, clunky document camera obsolete. eBeam Snapcam effortlessly streams photos from your iPhone or iPod to eBeam Connect. Quickly incorporate photos from a class field trip into a presentation, or instantly upload a picture of a student's classwork for the entire class to view. 

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A new idea for a utility that lets you annotate on your screen in an incredible new way. Think of it as a shiny, translucent napkin to keep on the side of your desktop. Grab it and draw an idea in a moment's notice. It's always there when you need it. 

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eBeam Connect, a new web-based software, has been introduced by Luidia, Inc., creator of the interactive eBeam technology. It allows teachers and students to interact from web-enabled devices, like iPads and other tablets.


eBeam Labs has launched! A place for us to put beta experimental software, eBeam Labs is a one-stop shop to test drive what we are working on.