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Interactive Whiteboarding

eBeam Edge+

The eBeam Edge+ is the latest, most advanced in the Edge product line, taking interactivity to a whole new level. There are three versions of the Edge+:

  • Edge+ USB
  • Edge+ Wireless
  • Edge+ Complete (includes Marker Pack accessories).

To give you the most flexible interactive experience, The Edge+ comes with an additional stylus as well as the Edge+ Display Bracket so you can use your sensor on any flat surface as well as LCD flat screens.

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Whiteboard Capture


Capture, share and stream live notes from any whiteboarding surface - straight to your favorite device including your smartphone or tablet. Bring those long-distance colleagues right into your meeting room, letting them see board notes live, and even participate - marking up notes remotely.

Equil Smartmarker uses standard Expo® dry erase markers and works on any whiteboarding surface, capturing your notes and drawings to your phone, tablet or computer over Bluetooth using the free app, Equil Note.

Pen Capture


Equil Smartpen 2 includes built in memory and handwriting recognition so you can write and save notes while on the go and import them to you Android, iOS, Mac or Windows device at your convenience.

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