Meeting tasks are made simple in a collaborative workspace.

Engage and Contribute

Share presentations and collaborate live in a digital whiteboard space. Remote users and participants are accountable and engaged as everyone contributes whether they are in the conference room or remote locations.

Annotate and Interact

Annotate and draw on top of any application, website or document. You can highlight and edit projected materials, use shapes to focus attention on key areas and illustrate or diagram concepts.

Collaborate and Visualize

Create interactive presentations and brainstorms. Import your own images, snapshots and office files to visualize concepts. Write, draw, organize and manipulate content on an unlimited supply of digital whiteboards.

Save and Share

Presentations, annotations, notes and brainstorms all save into a comprehensive file. Save time with post meeting tasks by sharing all your material, visualizations and notes right from the application.

We project a picture of aircraft, annotate right on the picture, write the part number, distance, etc. and email everything right after the meeting—and there’s no need to take minutes.

Dennis McArthur Aerospace Consultant Read Case Study »

Adapts to your environment and technology

eBeam allows you to personalize interactivity to your needs. eBeam solutions blend into your environment and optimize your technology by bringing interactivity to your tools. Learn more about eBeam Edge Wireless » & eBeam Capture Pack »

P.S. eBeam’s small size takes far fewer resources to produce and transport than big board solutions.

eBeam solutions support all your meeting types from improptu collaboration to formal presentations.

As a team, we’ll come into our think tank... Using the Edge and marker sleeves, we’ll map out our ideas and the story, and while we’re doing that, we’re capturing the info and saving it on our computers.

Alan Delarosa,
Lemon Films
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Effective communication, idea generation and dispersal of information are important elements of productive meetings. Whether your team members are most productive in one-on-one informal collaborations or formal presentations and trainings, eBeam has the solution to capture, inspire and distribute information so that you never lose an innovative idea and make decisions effectively and efficiently.

Made for portability

eBeam technology is designed to go where you go.

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Fits in your hands

eBeam’s intelligent design takes the best of interactivity and fits it into an efficient package. It’s as small and light as a remote control so it goes where you go.

Set-up in minutes

Since eBeam works with your technology, setting up takes minutes. Use our Edge Display Bracket for displays or slap the Edge onto a magnetic surface, open our application, calibrate and your interactive workspace is ready.

Go Wireless

Never get tripped up with our wireless solution. Edge Wireless gives you the freedom to roam around the conference room. Set-up is even faster without having to run and connect cords.

Our Business Solutions

eBeam Edge Wireless

eBeam Edge Wireless brings interactivity to any surface, quickly transforming your classroom or meeting room into a dynamic learning environment where students and colleagues can focus, participate and collaborate.

Education Business

Capture Pack

This add-on for eBeam Edge and eBeam Engage includes an eraser and four marker sleeves that capture and stream anything you write or draw on your whiteboard with regular dry-erase markers.


eBeam Edge Battery Pack

The eBeam Edge Battery Pack lets you move untethered around your classroom or meeting room, instantly transforming any flat surface into a dynamic learning environment without cords or cables.


eBeam Livewire

Using Livewire, eBeam devices can be set up in seconds with just a few clicks. From the boardroom to the classroom, Livewire turns eBeam into a plug and play device, making it more portable than ever before.


How to buy eBeam products

The best way for business and education customers to buy is via an eBeam Authorized Reseller. You'll get the most competitive pricing including educational discounts, access to eBeam product bundles including projectors and mounts, direct support through the Reseller, as well as training and installation. And even before you buy, a Reseller can provide a pre-purchase consultation and schedule a product demo.

You can also buy directly from Luidia through our online store.

Find an eBeam Authorized Reseller

Our team of US and international Resellers offer and support the latest in eBeam technologies. For questions about pricing, choosing the right eBeam product for your needs, or to arrange a live demonstration, please click on the button below to find an eBeam Authorized Reseller in your area.

Find a Reseller

Shop our online store

If you know what you want and need it fast anywhere in the contiguous US, our online store is probably your quickest option. Note that you’ll be paying full MSRP plus the shipping cost. And although it’s simple to install eBeam products, remember that only an eBeam Authorized Reseller can provide installation and ongoing support.