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eBeam Philosophy

  • User centered design and research are the key to creating intuitive products.

    Luidia believes that focusing on user needs and experience allows us to create products that break down the barriers between people and technology. We have a close network of educators and business partners that help test and provide input throughout the development process. This feedback lets us constantly refine our products, producing easy to use and relevant solutions.

    eBeam Labs

    Recently, we’ve launched eBeam Labs, a new space to test drive innovative and experimental eBeam software. If you want to help shape the next generation of eBeam products,
    visit eBeam Labs and tell us what you think.

  • Innovation is the intersection of research, collaboration, and an iterative process.

    Luidia has a core innovation team staffed by recent grads from various fields from industrial design to mechanical engineering. With free reign to experiment, the team’s broad knowledge of hardware, software, and design fosters creative thinking in product development.

    eBeam Engage

    Envisioned, designed and developed within the span of one year, eBeam Engage is one example of the team’s innovative process. The team observed that teachers were constantly running back and forth between the computer, the whiteboard and other technology in the classroom, disrupting the classroom focus and efficiency. eBeam Engage provides a solution that puts everything a teacher needs within arm’s reach, allowing for easier lesson delivery, spontaneity and a quick access point to all of their technology.

  • Flexible solutions adapt technology to the user.

    Luidia has always focused on being the most flexible, easy-to-integrate solution. By adapting our technology to the user’s existing system--their whiteboards, projectors, classroom--the user can make eBeam best suit their needs.

    eBeam Connect

    Striving for flexible solutions led us to create eBeam Connect, a digital space where users in the classroom or workplace can connect online to collaborate using any of their devices: desktops, laptops, iPads, and Android tablets.

    To check it out, visit eBeam Labs.

  • Integration is evolution.

    When our technology provides a partner's products with interactivity, we gain insight into how eBeam technology is utilized in other environments. This lets us discover future uses and new technological possibilities. It's a reciprocal coevolution. Learn more about our partners.

  • True engagement is a powerful force.

    At Luidia we believe in personal commitment and true engagement to what we do. We hope this love for our work shows in the premium quality of our products. We develop solutions that allow users to transform their environment into one where students and colleagues are living in the moment and want to be engaged.